Mosaicos is proud to present beautiful Contemporary Tiles

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Contemporary Intaglio Tiles


pronunciation: in-täl-yo
noun: an engraving or incised figure in stone or other hard material depressed below the surface so that an impression from the design yields an image in relief

Our very exciting Intaglio series consists of impressed surfaces inspired by the essence of textiles and natural textures. It is an extremely flexible and versatile series with numerous designs available in various contemporary sizes. With the Intaglio release we are happy to introduce two fabulous new rectangle sizes, the x8 and 4x10. Six different Intaglio textures are available as 1” circles, blended with field they bring the very popular, playful circles to another level.

Many of the display boards featured here exhibit our 16 newest natural collection of watercolor glazes. The delicate contours and depressions within the Intaglio patterns pool with watercolors creating a gorgeous depth beyond what we’ve seen before. Stringers of the new natural watercolors are now in production.


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