Tile as Art- Handmade Custom Tile & Hand painted Designer Ceramic Tile, Trim, Handmade Moldings & Handmade Floor pavers for walls, bathrooms, kitchens, fireplaces, floors and anywhere a beautiful surface is desired.

Handmade tile:

All our handmade ceramic tile and molding collections, are listed in the left column The handmade tile and molding in stock collections are under the heading of Quick Ship-BASIX, SIMPLE SATIN n GLOSS & SOUTH BEACH. (about 5 days to ship) Some of our handmade tile & molding pieces are shown in more than one catagory. Example: Basix and Installations both display the the same Basix Wanescot.

Most COLORS and or FINISHES can be applied to almost any of our handmade tile, (flat or relief ) and or moldings from any collection. There are no exclusive colors or finishes. Mosaicos Tile is an environmentally friendly company. We clean and or recycle our water, Spray booth air, clay and paper products. Our pigments are all water based. Our tools of choice are the human hand and our imagination.

A handmade tile, quick ship program using our most popular handmade tile in a 5x5, 2.5x5 module. Hand rubbed, detailed & antiqued in 5 colors plus White and Off White (clear glaze on white clay). As with all non-vitrious ceramic tile crazing may appear before during and after installation.

Basix Tile Gallery

Basix Tiles Basix handmade elements Colors- 7 in all, 5 antiques.(comes with display) Basix-handmade Decos (all colors) Concept panel Cacoa on Basix handmade tile Concept Panel Sterling on Basix handmade tile Concept Panel Dijon/Honeycomb on Basix handmade tile Concept panel-Loden on Basix handmade tile Basix Cacoa w/3/4" painted mosaics Basix installation-Color Dijon on basix handmade tile

Simple Satin Tile Gallery

Handmade custom Satin Tiles Satin handmade elements Relief pieces on Simple Satin n Gloss handmade tile Simple Satin n Gloss-Colors on handmade tile Simple Satin n Gloss handmade gloss crackle additions Simple Satin n Gloss handmade tile Simple Satin n Gloss-Shown in gloss handmade molding Handmade tile-sizes Simple Satin n' Gloss Panels (shown n'satin) handmade tile Simple Satin n Gloss-More handmade tile possiblities Simple Satin n Gloss Handmade tile 2 tone White Simple Satin n Gloss handmade tile Simple Satin n' Gloss-Maya handmade tile Simple Satin n Gloss- Installation of handmade tile

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South Beach Tile Gallery

Handmade tile-SOUTH BEACH-Colors Handmade moldings-SOUTH BEACH-Elements Handmade tile-SOUTH BEACH-Colors South Beach handmade tile-Sizes South Beach Mosaics-Flat or Beveled South Beach Mosaic panels Handmade Tile-South Beach-Rhomboid & Bevel South Beach handmade tile 3x6 Lento Hand painted-SOUTH BEACH-handmade tile-2x2 Handmade SOUTH BEACH-3x8 hand painted tile Handmade tile-SOUTH BEACH-Roses Handmade tile-SOUTH BEACH-with Raku Handmade tile-SOUTH BEACH-Panels Handmade Tile-SOUTH BEACH-Panels 3 Handmade tile-SOUTH BEACH- Panel 2 handmade tile-Ideas-Raku Handmade tile-Ideas-Relief South Beach/ Olive Handmade tile-Ideas-South Beach/Stone Handmade tile-South Beach Installation Handmade tile-South Beach Mosaic mini Bricks Handmade tile-South Beach Installation

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Early Vintage is an incredibly beautiful handmade tile & molding collection based on the rich colors and spirit of the wine harvest. Its appeal is universal. It was put together with the help of several artists. Some of the designs were done by Jamie Santaniello. There are 32 hand painted tiles with workers as the subject and many colors, plain and antique styles to choose from. Several with two tone color combinations. There are handmade relief moldings and some real metal decorative inserts and liners (silver in color).

Early Vintage Tile Gallery

Early Vintage Handmade Tiles Early Vintage- handmade Moldings Early Vintage hand painted tile-velvet Sand Early Vintage-hand painted Workers Early Vintage monochromatic workers Early Vintage-metal Early Vintage with Metal & Mosaic Early Vintage handmade tile-Muscat Early Vintage handmade tile-Bevel Early Vintage-workers on Diamond Early Vintage handmade tile-Black Rose Early Vintage handmade tile-Catabwa Early Vintage handmade tile-Elephants Early Vintage handmade tile-Malaga Early Vintage handmade tile-Italia Early Vintage handmade tile Installation

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The Paneva collection of handmade tile and molding was designed by and named after an Internationally renown ceramic artist that studied in both Europe and America. The assigned colors are subtle the designs strong. The relief patterns can be used in many ways. Use your imagination, assemble them in a variety of combinations until you find what you are looking for. A full color pallete is also available on any of these handmade tiles.

Paneva Tile Gallery

Paneva Paneva Paneva Lace Paneva Lace Venetian Paneva panels 2 Paneva-Panels Ideas-Rose

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The Windsor handmade tile and molding collection is based on the olde English Encaustic style. These pieces are filled and sanded to a flat leathery looking finish. They can be used anywhere you might find sealed tiles or terracotta pavers. The fill part can be of a variety of colors. Ask and you shall recieve. This handmade encaustic style handmade tile and molding collection encompasses Squares, Diamonds, Arabesque, Triangles, Star & Cross and Rectangles in a variety of sizes as well as a series of handmade moldings and trims. We can make any of our field tiles to match. Ivory, Windsor Biege and Terracotta etc.

Windsor Tile Gallery

Windsor Tile Windsor-Some of the liners and moldings Windsor-Flat tile Colors of Windsor Windsor-Field tiles Triangles- most any color STAR & CROSS Encaustic Style Windsor -Powder/Ivory Windsor-New Arabia Powder/Ivory Windsor/Espresso Windsor/mocha Arabia Shepard, & guardian, Arabia-Color:Mocha/Ivory Windsor insert in Patina Stone Windsor insert in Patina Stone Windsor insert-Patina Stone Field Floors Escheresque -Windsor in star layout Windsor-Arabia/ Relief/Powder Windsor installation Windsor insert-Patina Stone Field

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