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Leather Tile Installation Instructions

Before installing the leather tiles let them adapt to their new habitat for 3-5 days. When the tiles are at the final location make sure the boxes are in a dry dust free area, out of direct contact with sunlight. Before installing the tiles, glue and screw 3/8” or ½” plywood to the floor or the wall substrate. Tiles have to be glued directly to the plywood substrate, once the plywood substrate has been placed and the entire work site well vacuumed and cleaned of any dust and dirt, apply the glue in two application:

First application, apply the glue to both the substrate and the back of the leather tiles. Allow it to dry completely before the second application.

Second application, allow the glue to dry completely on both surfaces, make sure that you don’t have any glue left on the side of the tile. When dry, you can lay the tile. *The tile should be laid to a line as a ceramic tile.

We recommend to install the leather floor only after all other site construction has been completed.


Leather tiles needs a specific contact cement otherwise they will not hold, the manufacturer that we suggest for Leather Tile installation is "DAP WELDWOOD the Original Contact Cement”.

*Please Note: This is a shortened version of our installation instructions only intended as a guide, please contact us for a detailed description of our Installation Instructions prior to any installation.

Leather Tile Care

You’ll be glad to known how easy it is to take care of your unique leather floor and wall tiles... Vacuum weekly with a soft bristle brush attachment.

  • We suggest mopping the floor with distilled water every 30 day or as needed in a high traffic area.
  • SPILLS: blot spills up quickly. Do not wipe.

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