Mosaicos is proud to present beautiful Specialty Tiles

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Specialty Tiles

Each work of art from Mosaicos incorporates both visual beauty and expert craftsmanship. The designs are inspired by nature and each is as unique as a single snowflake; no two will ever be the same. The designs are created using both natural found objects and replicas of wildlife. Sunflowers from the local farm, Queen Anne and Thistle picked at the height of the season and nautilus shells sliced down the center with a diamond blade are just a few of our tools. The stoneware clay is either glazed with vibrant high-fire glazes or dry oxide washes. The tiles are fired to 2300 ° F in our propane-fired car kiln. They emerge after cooling with spectacular glossy surfaces or dry imprints.

Our intricately designed clay canvases range in size from 2" golden nuggets to 24" centerpieces. Use them as a focal point in your most treasured spaces. They are suitable for installation in bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, etc. Waterproof and heat resistant, they are perfect in showers and backsplashes. Frame them and hang them on your wall as a unique work of art, a clay canvas like no other. Use them as a glorious and conversation-starting hotplate at your next dinner party.

Standard Tile Line

Our standard product line includes a wide variety of both sizes and designs. Our smallest tiles from this line are 3" x 3" and our largest 12" x 12". The overall design in our standard line is consistent from tile to tile, although the intricate details of each piece will be unique. This means that you can expect minor differences in detail and variations in color.

Special Orders

Special Order pieces include tiles ranging in size for 14" x 14" to 24" x 24" tiles and rectangular pieces, including but not limited to sizes 16" x 24", 18" x 28", and 24" x 36". The artist can create a piece suitable to custom fit your backsplash, shower or other space. The client is encouraged to communicate their design ideas. It is up to the artist to turn those ideas into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Pricing will reflect the intricacies of the job including both design and size and a quote will be given prior to production.

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