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Spanish Tiles

Latin Accents Decorative Accent Tiles add vibrant flair to your home with decorative traditional clay and porcelain tiles in artistic patterns. Great for sinks, staircases, kitchen splashboards, wall murals, house numbers, and many other purposes, our Mexican tile and other decorative accents make your home truly unique and add a touch of your personality. Tile your bathroom wall or add an artistic tile mural in your living room. No matter what you choose to do with them, our artisan tiles will brighten up a room and impress your guests.

Our tiles include classic, Baroque, Colonial, and other timeless styles, so no matter your tastes you will find great talavera accents to fit any home. Our blue, yellow, green and cinnamon classic designs create a distinct look and feel of classic porcelain tile, while our Baroque, Colonial, Classic and Special styles add a unique touch to your home d├ęcor. Talavera Mexican tile can be used throughout the house or in a single room you are remodeling or redecorating.

Saltillo Collection

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